Why helping others is important?

Hey guys!

This week you get an extra post! We’ve just finished our promotional video and would like you – our fellow Good Earthlings – to see it first.

We really hope you’ll like it.

We promise you, that if you’ll join us in performing weekly challenges, you’ll be able to answer the question in the title by yourself. 😉

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10 thoughts on “Why helping others is important?

  1. Your video has some wonderful pictures that show just how beautiful this earth is and your message is strong.

    I love to help others, it is the best sense of achievement there is, especially when you help someone without them knowing. I challenge anyone to help another and not feel great for doing so.

    You are doing great work to help change this world for the better, keep it up, you will make a difference.


    • Rob, thank you very much. Your supportive words mean a lot to us.

      Love, Good Earthlings

  2. Hey guys! LOVE your site and the idea you are pursuing! So so grateful to come across people like you that are starting these little things to help people change even just a little bit of their actions and in their mindsets. Beautiful!
    As for me I personally try to be the better self every second of every day, I am very conscious about my decisions and how it will affect either someone else or Mother Earth overall.
    Wish you all the best success with your blog and with your challenges!
    Take care,

    • Reelika, thank you for such a nice comment. Stay good.
      With love, Good Earthlings

  3. Hi Good Earthlings,

    I like your video a lot. It’s brought up a very critical part of our life on this earth. Do we actually have any love to everything around us? Do we love the world, the animals, the people around us, and so and so. Whether we just do a simple thing to treat the environment well, or do a favor to a human, it’s all based on love. I’m going to look into more details about your weekly challenges and hope I can do some good to our world.

    Thanks for your sharing


    • Hi Louis!

      Nice to hear from you. We sure hope you’ll join in on our challenges and that you’ll like them as much as our video.

      With love, Good Earthlings

  4. I love this video!! And I love what you guys are doing! One of the most important lessons I try to pass on to my children is to show kindness to others, including animals and the earth–that’s more important than money or status or material goods. Thank you for your site–I will be revisiting often.

    • Hi, Hillary!

      Thank you, your opinion means a lot to us. We’ll try and do our best not to disappoint you. 😉

      Love, Good Earthlings

  5. As a species, we humans evolved to compete and to also cooperate. Unfortunately, most organizations such as government and corporations encourage competition.

    But, in order for us to survive, we must cooperate. And not just cooperate with other humans, but with all species on the planet.

    We humans are the only species that can care for and nurture the other species. This truth is taught in the early chapters of Genesis.

    • Gary, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Make sure you stay in touch.

      Warm regards,

      Good Earthlings

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