Challenge #6: What’s a random act of kindness?

Hold the elevator or the door for a complete stranger.

You could end up making someone’s day much nicer.

Hold the door

I don’t like it when people don’t hold the door. I don’t know, that really bugs me … I guess I like manners.

-Taylor Schilling

As you can see, this week’s challenge is really simple. But don’t forget that small gestures matter and can make a noticeable difference.

To hold the door for someone is not only polite but when we speak about elevator doors, it can make a difference between being on time or being late. Moreover, people often carry some stuff in their hands, which makes it quite challenging for them to open the door or push the button to call an elevator or select the floor.

So we urge you to do your best to hold the elevator or any other door for a stranger at least once in this week. And if that’s not too hard for you, try and make a habit out of it. We promise you you’ll feel good about it and the person you’ll help will really appreciate it.

For all Game of Thrones fans – even Hodor knows the importance of holding the door. 😉

“Hold the door, Hold th door, Hold t door, Hol t door, Hol door, Hodor!”

-Hodor (the Game of Thrones character) 

So please, do your best to hodor every time you get the opportunity.

Facts about elevators
Hold the elevator

Many of you probably think of elevators as a modern world invention. But the latter is not the case. Primitive elevators were first used way back in 236 B. C. According to writings of Vitruvius a Greek mathematician Archimedes was the one who invented an elevator. Although those ancient elevators were much different than the ones we know today, the physics behind it was the same.

Elisha Otis

Elisha Otis

The man that made it possible for elevators to be used for the general public is Elisha Graves Otis. He was an American industrialist, founder of the Otis Elevator Company. He invented a safety device that prevents elevators from falling if the hoisting cable fails.

Let’s take a look at some other interesting fact about elevators:

  • Elevators are statistically the safest way to travel.
  • There are around 1 million elevators in America.
  • Elevators are twenty times safer than escalators.
  • The first public elevator was installed in New York City.
  • They started using “elevator” music in the 1920s to calm the fearful passengers who used the elevators for the first time.
  • All elevators in the world carry the equivalent of entire Earth’s population in every three days.
  • Close door button will not make doors close faster – it’s there to give passengers an illusive sense of control.
  • There are multiple support cables used to carry an elevator. Each of those can safely carry the elevator at its full capacity.
  • Elevators can’t be higher than 1700 feet (518 meters). After that, hoist ropes become too heavy.
  • In some countries, they tend to leave out unlucky numbers – actually, the whole floor is missing (read more). Next time you’re in China, don’t be surprised if there’s no number 4 on the elevator dial.

Unfortunately, like always, if there are too many people, there are some things that bother many of us. We have decided to point them out. Moreover, we’d like to ask you not to do those ever again. But if someone does any of the following things while you’ll be using an elevator, try and do your best to turn it into one of those funny elevator jokes. 🙂

Things you shouldn’t do while using an elevator – potential funny elevator jokes:
  • Don’t fart.
  • Don’t burp if you ate food with a strong taste (garlic, salami, onions, …).
  • Don’t push the floor button if it’s already lit.
  • If there is enough space, do not touch other people with any part of your body or object your carrying. If the elevator is too crowded and you’re forced to touch others, apologize to them.
  • Don’t stare at other passengers.
  • Try and not to talk too loudly if you’re taking a ride with a person you know.
  • Don’t eavesdrop on other’s conversations.
  • Try not to eat or drink in the elevator.
  • If you know you’ll be getting off really soon try and stand close to the door.
  • Don’t enter the elevator as soon as the door open. There might be some other passengers trying to get off.
  • Don’t use perfume in the elevator. Even if you have applied a bit too much of it before entering the elevator, can be tiresome for other passengers.
  • If someone is standing right in front of you, do not breath heavily on his neck.
  • Try not to touch the mirror in the elevator with your hands. Someone has to clean that!
  • If you have dirty hands use elbows to push the floor button.
  • If you see that the elevator is extremely crowded and you’re not in a life-threatening hurry, please wait for another one.
  • Do your best not to push the wrong button. Always consider that some passengers might be in a hurry and would not appreciate it stopping without a need.

We think we’ve listed most of the annoying things. And like we said before, in case you do encounter any of those, do your best not to get worked out about it and simply turn your experience into a funny elevator story.

Be kind
What’s a random act of kindness?

A random act of kindness is an action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world. This act doesn’t need to be random from the point of view of the subject that performs the action, it can only be random for the person on the receiving end. Such small deeds can make someone’s day.

All the single male population out there, don’t forget that women still like gentlemen:

Always hold the door open for a lady. Not because she is a lady but because you are a gentleman. 


Take-home points:
  • elevators are the safest way to travel;
  • hold the elevator door as often as needed;
  • such random acts of kindness can make someone’s day (additional reading);
  • there are things you shouldn’t do while using an elevator;
  • if you want to be a true gentleman, always hold the door open for a lady.

With love, 

Good Earthlings

6 thoughts on “Challenge #6: What’s a random act of kindness?

  1. Awesome idea!

    I’ve held elevator doors from time to time for my folks, or normal doors as well. 🙂

    But I’ve never though much about it, your post made me conscious that it can make someone’s day better. I guess this is not so much of a challenge for me since I do it regularly, but I can be more mindful of the person that comes in and give them a smile, maybe, that would make the experience more enjoyable for them.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey!

      Great to hear that you’ve been doing that already! Just keep up the good work.

      Have a great day.

      Warm regards,

      Good Earthlings

  2. Keeping doors open really doesn’t take much effort and does indeed give you a sense of happiness, not to mention making someone smile. It does bother me though, when I hold a door open for someone and they don’t even acknowledge it…. that’s super annoying! I found it really interesting that Elisha Otis invented the modern-day elevator…. there is a band called Otis and the Elevators and I never had any idea where they got the name from! Now I know 🙂

    • That is true, it sure is much nicer if the person on receiving end acknowledges our kindness … But I’m sure that most of people will acknowledge it and appreciate your gesture. 🙂

      Warm regards,

      Good Earthlings

  3. Once a young boy and his mom were running to catch the elevator. I held the door, the first thing the young boy did was offer his lollipop as a thank you. He was maybe 5 or 6, but even he knew when something kind had happened. If kids can learn at a young age, I am sure so can we adults. By the way I love your elevator talk, made my day. 🙂

    • Great story. Nice of you to share your experience. Adults have to set an example for kids, no question about it. We’re really happy to hear you liked our article.

      Stay with us for more.

      Warm regards,

      Good Earthlings

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