Challenge #21: What is wrong with the world?

Take 3 minutes of your time and think about the things that are simply wrong in this world. Then take another 3 minutes to think about how to fix them!

Try and do that every day for a week. If you’ll think of any solutions write them down and send your ideas to the relevant officials or at least share them with us.

Stop child abuse

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

-Mother Teresa

Hey, folks!

We are usually all about being positive and really do our best to focus on the good stuff. But if we don’t think about the things that are wrong, we are not addressing the problem. And rarely any problem goes away if we ignore it and don’t acknowledge it.

Please, don’t get us wrong, we love our planet and are fully aware of all the beautiful things it has to offer. It really is a unique and amazing place. But unfortunately, there are also many unfair, inappropriate and even horrifying things going on in this world as we speak.

Stop violence

Many of those problems might not affect you or your loved ones directly, but that doesn’t mean you should stick your head in the sand and pretend that everything is perfect. The Earth is our home, so each and every one of us should do his/her best to make it a better place.

We are the problem

If you ask us, there was nothing wrong in this world before mankind populated it. None of the natural laws were being broken. But we, the human beings, tend to do things that are truly far from being in accordance with the natural flow.

Other inhabitants of this planet don’t know greed, hate,  or intolerance of any kind – the main factors that make our a planet really difficult, scary or at least an unpleasant place to live in for many individuals. Some people treat fellow humans in a horrible way, even greater number of individuals treat mother nature very poorly.

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the world: there are too many servants of lust and not enough masters of love.”

-Jonny Ox

The (un)importance of human beings

There is something many of us tend to forget – the earth is 4,543 billion years old, while humans have been on it for only 200,000 years. For better understanding, that’s the same as 1 second compared to 8 months and a half. You probably see where we are going with that.

The earth existed long before we evolved and will probably exist long after we’ll be gone. However, we can either make our stay on this planet longer by treating mother nature in an appropriate way or we can make it shorter if we choose to ignore our impact on nature.

stop pollution

The Earth will adapt to the new environment but we won’t. We are the sensitive ones. We can exist only in quite specific climate conditions, so we should really do all that is in our power to retain those conditions.

Things that are simply wrong in this world

Here’s what we thought of in the first 3 minutes:

  • It’s simply wrong that some people are starving while others throw away their food.
  • It’s simply wrong that some people don’t have anything to drink while others water their lawns.
  • It’s simply wrong that there are wars in this world.
  • It’s simply wrong that some people get mistreated due to the color of their skin.
  • It’s simply wrong that some people get mistreated due to their sexual orientation.
  • It’s simply wrong that some people torture animals or exploit them in any possible way.
  • It’s simply wrong that some children are being molested every day.

Stop domestic violence

  • It’s simply wrong that some women are beaten by their man every day.
  • It’s simply wrong that some people’s homes are blown to pieces by bombs.
  • It’s simply wrong that some drunk drivers hit Injure or even kill others road users.
  • It’s simply wrong that some women get raped every day.
  • It’s simply wrong that innocent people are killed every day.
  • It’s simply wrong that some children have to work in a factory.
  • It’s simply wrong that someone thinks he/she is worth more because he/she has a lot of money.
  • It’s simply wrong that many look away when they should be helping a person in need.
  • It’s simply wrong that the green forest is being torn down to make room for livestock.
  • It’s simply wrong that individuals sit on billions of dollars while there are people that have nothing to eat.
What kind of person are you?

Sure, we come in different sizes, different weights, different colors, we have different cultural backgrounds, different beliefs … We really hate dividing people according to any of those characteristics.

We’re more fond of the “good/bad person” division. But even that one can have blurry lines sometimes.

The point is we should all do our best to be better, to do as much as is in our power to make this world a better place. There’s just too many things wrong in this world for us not to try and change for the better.

Are you willing to change?

“Alone we can accomplish many great things. Together we can change the world.”

– Estefania Guadalupe Estrada

Take-home points:
  • There are too many things wrong in this world.
  • Everyone can make a difference.
  • We have to do better to make overdue improvements.

We urge you to join in on this week’s challenge. You’re more than welcome to share your thoughts with us.

Have a great week. Be good, be better! 😉


Good Earthlings

6 thoughts on “Challenge #21: What is wrong with the world?

  1. I have recently started working on new things in my spiritual journey and one thing I have been doing is writing things down as it acts like a powerful message to your mind.

    What I learned though is that it was important to write down wen didn’t go so well along with the good stuff. This helps you to be accountable for your actions and in turn gives you the opportunity to improve.

    Same thing goes here. If we ignore the problems we face in our world we are not being accountable for our actions and thus it makes it all the harder to learn from them and our mistakes.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We like your suggestion about writing stuff down, it sounds logical. Stay in touch.


      Good Earthlings

  2. wow tats great we mostly use to do things wrongly and in most cases we normally dont realize our wrong doing but with this article i have found it more useful and willing to share this relevant information with other people around me

    thanks for the information provided

  3. I like your realistic view and approach. I also wonder why. Why is it we have gone to this serious situation where everything seem to be extremely imbalanced. Why? Why did these things happen?

    With your positive thinking, with our positive activism, do you think we can still avert the downhill destination our world is heading? With us little guys in here, and this vast world we are dealing with, do you think we can make a significant change?

    • We have believe that we can. That’s why we even do all that. I agree, it really often seems like its close to impossible, but then we see some nice gesture or good deed from another fellow earthling and we get the boost we need do stay positive. 🙂

      Stay positive, Gomer!


      Good Earthlings

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